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How to "42 dials" in the instrument industry
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The nineteenth academic conference and Exhibition (MI - CONEX2008), sponsored by the Chinese Academy of instruments and instruments and the Chinese Academy of inspection and Quarantine (CAS), will be held in Beijing from November 18th to 21. Different from previous topics on subject research and professional field practice (for example, the sixteenth theme is "independent innovation of instrument and measurement and control technology", the seventeenth theme is "public safety and scientific instruments". This exhibition emphasizes the close relationship between instruments and real life. "Product quality and food safety".

Comment: in academia, some people compare instruments to "materialized judges" in social life. The theme of this exhibition once again highlights the role of instrumentation, which is undoubtedly of great practical significance. Of course, the role of instruments is much more than that. In addition to the above metaphor, the academic circle also compares instruments as the "multiplier" of industrial production, the "official officer" of scientific research, and the military "fighting power". On the important role of instruments for economic and social development, more convincing than these metaphors, the following data are the following: a study published in 90s by the National Standards Agency of the United States showed that the output value of the American instrument industry accounted for 4% of the total industrial output value, while its related economic output value was reached. 66% of the total social output value.

Considering that the economic and social development of the information age is more dependent on instruments and instruments, the role of instrument and instrument is not to describe the use of "42 kilos of kilograms". The role of instrument and instrument is great, and it means that if the development level of the industry is low, the whole national economy and the development of science and technology will be seriously affected. In this sense, the academia also calls the instrument industry a "card neck" industry. It is not to be optimistic that China's economic and social development is benefiting from the "multiplier" role of instruments and instruments, while also obviously feeling the pressure of the industry "card neck", and as far as the current situation is concerned, the strength of "card" seems to be increasing.

After 30 years of reform and opening up, China's instrument and instrument industry has initially formed a complete product category, with a certain production scale and development ability, and has become the second largest instrument producer in Asia, only inferior to Japan, but the overall level of the industry is low, and most of the products belong to the middle and low end products. The reliability and stability are not high, and the high-end large-scale instruments are almost entirely dependent on imports; some key fields of science and technology research and development have been made up by others; the field rapid detection and monitoring instruments for public safety and other fields are seriously lacking. This is why the regulatory authorities and enterprises in the early stage of melamine incident have been caught in a passive situation.

In view of the problems existing in the field of instrument and instrument in China, the state should first plan the relevant research and development work from the policy level and focus on the independent innovation of some important instruments and instruments. Secondly, we should take effective measures to realize the integration of production, learning and research, and form the research and development techniques of instruments and instruments based on enterprises. Operation innovation system; third to accelerate the industrialization of scientific instruments and instruments with independent intellectual property rights and large scale, and to greatly enhance the market share of domestic instruments and instruments; fourth to establish and perfect the risk investment mechanism of the instruments and instruments industry, to speed up the reform of the system of state-owned enterprises, and to foster and develop a batch of instruments and instruments. Production bases and leading enterprises. Only in this way, the scientific and technological level of instrument and instrument in China can be continuously improved, and the instrument industry can develop continuously and healthfully, and it can play the role of "42 dials".


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