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Instruments and meters: energy saving, environmental protection, refining and refining, flow meter status prominent.
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What is the current application of process control technology in petroleum, chemical, power and other representative process industries? What are the characteristics of its demand for process automation products and technologies? To this end, the deputy secretary general and senior engineer Dong Jingchen of the China Instrument Industry Association, from the perspective of the industry, explained some of the hot spots in the process control automation.

Instruments and meters: energy saving, environmental protection, refining and refining, flow meter status prominent.

In addition, the new requirements of China's national conditions for the domestic process control industry also provide a broad market for some specific types of automation products. Dong Jingchen said that due to the increasing demand for energy conservation and environmental protection in the domestic process control industry in recent years, flow meters in the field of measurement and measurement have become the focus of attention in the domestic market, among which mass flowmeter and ultrasonic flowmeter are the most concerned.

As more and more indexes have been developed from rough estimation to quantitative analysis, a lot of raw materials and displacement need to be measured with high precision, so the use of mass flowmeter and ultrasonic flowmeter is more and more, and the demand is getting bigger and bigger. This also reflects the significant improvement of domestic enterprises' awareness of cost saving through meticulous management.

In addition, Dong Jingchen also said that at present, in the domestic large projects, the instrument general contract has also become a more significant trend, and this method for domestic instrument manufacturers put forward a great challenge. He pointed out that a large number of international process automation manufacturers have strong strength, most of which have the ability to provide a complete system scheme, and more qualified as the general contractor. Once they become the chief contractors, they will have the right to decide as the leader of the purchase of instrument products. However, domestic instrumentation enterprises pay more attention to product line maintenance, and their business pressure is relatively large. Most of them do not have strong competitiveness in this respect. In this case, domestic instrument enterprises should pay more attention to enhance the competitiveness of the dominant type, not only to meet the share of the international manufacturers.


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