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Machinery industry benefits rise, instrument industry benefit
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China's machinery industry still maintained strong growth momentum last year. The Chinese industry growth index showed that the growth boom index of the machinery industry began to rise rapidly since the beginning of the year. After a slight decline in SARS, it continued to climb in June, and then had been running at a high level over 140 points, and the October boom index hit Shi Xingao to 153.58. According to statistics, in the month of 1-10, the total sales revenue of the machinery industry was 1 trillion and 925 billion 370 million yuan, exceeding the level in 2002, up 33.40%, and totaling 122 billion 543 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 57.56%. From the monthly rate of production and sales, production and sales rate rose month by month, and the production and sales rate reached the highest level in September.

Last year, the five major industries of general equipment manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing industry, transportation equipment manufacturing industry, instrument manufacturing industry and electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry all maintained a high growth level, which jointly promoted the rapid increase of the overall growth boom index of the machinery industry.

This year, the machinery industry will still perform well under the background of the favorable economic environment at home and abroad. China's industrial growth forecast model predicts that this year, the growth in the machinery industry growth index will still improve on the basis of last year's high, but the growth rate will fall somewhat, and the prosperity will still maintain a steady rising trend of this year. The sub sectors of the machinery industry show a comprehensive growth. It is expected that in the first half of this year, the sales revenue of the machinery industry will exceed 930 billion yuan, which is still higher than 20% year on year, and the profit is nearly 22 billion yuan and 30%. In the second half of the year, the machinery industry realized sales revenue of nearly 20300 billion yuan, up to 22% from the same year, and the profit exceeded 88 billion yuan, up about 31% over the same period. Molecular industry:

(1) under the drive of rapid development industry such as automobile and engineering machinery, it is expected that the general equipment manufacturing industry will enter a period of rapid growth in the first half of this year, and the growth boom index will rise steadily on the basis of 140 points of this year. We predict that the efficiency of the general equipment manufacturing industry will be raised this year and the output of major products will be higher.

(2) at the present stage, the national macroeconomic policy provides a good external development environment for the special equipment manufacturing industry. In the case of constant investment in basic construction and increasing market demand, it is expected to maintain a good momentum of development this year. The industry growth boom index continues to grow to about 170 points following this year's high growth trend. Construction machinery manufacturing industry is still the main driving force for special equipment manufacturing industry. A large number of infrastructure construction projects, urbanized construction projects and logistics modernization drive development have entered the peak period of three aspects, which will bring a broad realistic and potential market for special equipment, especially engineering machinery products. The increase of demand will also promote the obvious improvement of the industry benefits. This year, the profit of the special equipment manufacturing industry will have a profit. It is expected to break through 180 billion yuan, and the growth rate is over 30%.

(3) transportation equipment manufacturing industry (excluding cars) will continue to continue this year's volatility growth trend, the first quarter of this year will be a significant rise in growth, after reaching about 140 points, will experience a period of recession, the three quarter began to resume growth, the number of indicators will be once again rapid growth. The quality of the industry will go to a higher level on the basis of good development this year, and sales revenue and profit will be improved to varying degrees. The output of locomotives, motorcycles and civil steel ships will also increase significantly.

(4) the prosperity index of the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry will grow rapidly this year, and the industry benefit will continue to grow steadily from the good prosperity to the good sector. The profit of 409 billion 500 million yuan is expected to be realized throughout the year, the sales revenue is 54599 billion yuan, the output of power generation equipment will reach 29 million 300 thousand KW, and the output of the AC motor will reach 8605.37 thousand thousand. Watt.

(5) this year, the instrument and instrument industry will still maintain the strong market demand. The industrial automation instrument will rise with the increase of power, environmental protection, water conservancy and so on. The industry growth prosperity index will run in the boom interval of more than 120 points and enter the better interval of the boom. In addition, the import and export products of high and middle grade instruments and measuring control equipment will not change this year.


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