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The development direction of domestic instruments in the next few years
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Industrial automation instruments focus on the development of the main control system and intelligent instruments, special and special automation instruments based on field bus technology, expand the field of service in an all-round way, promote the digitalization, intelligence and network of the instrument and instrument system, complete the transformation of automatic instruments from analog technology to digital technology, and 5 years of digital The proportion of instruments reaches over 60%, and the commercialization of automated software with independent copyright is promoted.

Electrical instruments and meters mainly focus on the development of long life watt hour meters, electronic watt hour meters, special special electrical measuring instruments and automatic measurement system for power network metering. In 2005, the domestic market share of medium and low-grade electrical instruments and meters should reach 95%. By 2010, the domestic market share of senior and senior electrician instruments and meters had reached 80%.

The key development process analysis instrument, environmental monitoring instrument and instrument, the energy saving analysis instrument for industrial furnace, and the dynamic balance of auto parts, dynamic testing and vehicle performance testing instrument, geodetic instrument, electronic speed measuring instrument, measuring global positioning system and other testing machines needed for the basic industry. New products such as laboratory instruments. The products are mainly intermediate products with high technical content, and accounted for 50% to 60% of total output value by 2005.

Environmental instruments and instruments focus on the development of environmental monitoring instruments and instruments, sampling systems and automatic control system for environmental monitoring. In 2005, the technical level reached the advanced level in the late 1990s, the domestic market share reached 50% to 60%, and the domestic market share reached over 70% by 2010.

The instrument instrument instrument and instrument component "fifteen" and before 2010, develop a batch of marketable and well marketable products as soon as possible, the variety possession rate reaches 70% ~ 80%, the market share of high grade product reaches 60%. Through scientific and technological breakthrough and new product development, the quality water of the product reaches the level of the end of the world in the end of the 1990s. The products are close to the advanced level of foreign products of the same kind.

The information technology electric measuring instrument mainly develops the software and the intelligent technology of the electric measuring instrument, the bus automatic test technique, the integrated automation test system, the new component measurement technology and the test instrument, the on-line test technology, the information industry product test technology, the multimedia measurement technique and the corresponding test instrument, and the electric monitoring Management technology and so on.


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