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Market demand objects and coverage of instrumentation industry
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The instruments and instruments are widely used in the fields of industry, agriculture, transportation, science and technology, environmental protection, national defense, cultural and educational health, people's life and so on. They undertake the task of the gatekeepers and instructors in the operation of all walks of life of the national economy. Because of its special position and great function, it has a huge increase and pulling effect on the national economy, and has good market demand and huge potential for development.

(1) Market Demand Objects and Coverage of Instrument Industry

Specific requirements can be expressed from the following aspects:

1. in the background of the human society entering the era of knowledge economy and the rapid development of information technology, instruments and measurement and control technology have been widely used, providing a good opportunity for the rapid development of the instrument and instrument industry. Instrument is the source and component of the information industry, and is an important basis of information technology. The academician Tsien Hsueshen discussed the new technology as follows: "the key technology of the new technology * * is information technology, and the information technology is composed of three parts: measurement technology, computer technology and communication technology. Measurement technology is the key and foundation." "In the world, the information technology production industry is also classified as computer, communications, instrumentation three industries.

2. instruments and instruments are widely used in the measurement and control of the equipment and the technological process of reforming the traditional industry. It is an important part of the modern large-scale key equipment, and it is an important link to promote industrialization by information. According to the relevant data, with the improvement of equipment level, the proportion of instrument and instrument in the total investment of engineering equipment has reached about 18%. In modern Baosteel's investment in technology and equipment, the funds of 1/3 are used to purchase instruments and automatic control system.

3. the high level scientific research and the development of high and new technology industry have rapidly improved the demand for instruments and instruments. The instruments and instruments are playing an important role in the process of implementing science and education, knowledge innovation and technological innovation. All kinds of high level scientific experiments can not be separated from scientific instruments, and the progress of modern science is increasingly relying on the development of sophisticated instruments. Modern biology, medicine, ecological environment protection, new materials (nanomaterials, etc.), the development of modern agriculture, etc. are also based on the development of sophisticated precision instrument technology.

4. instruments and instruments have become an important part of modern national defense construction technology and equipment. The fixed assets 1/3 of China's space industry are instruments and computers; the instrument expenditure of the launch vehicle accounts for about 1/2 of the total development funds; the high precision guidance and control of the missile, the spaceflight precision latitude measurement and infrared imaging, and the special high temperature experiment set up Preparation and so on are the key products of national defense equipment.

5. instruments and instruments are widely used in the process of exploring the sustainable development of human society, resisting natural disasters, administering the country by law and implementing the relevant laws (quality, commodity inspection, measurement, environmental protection, etc.) as an important means of implementation and the guarantee of industry.

(two) industry content and classification

According to the classification standard of China's national economic industry, the big industry of instruments and instruments includes more than 20 categories of professional categories, such as instruments, instruments, instruments, optical instruments, timing instruments, navigation and guidance instruments, analytical instruments, testing machines, laboratory instruments, and general instrument and instrument units. Parts, agroforestry and fishery instruments and instruments, geological seismic instruments, meteorological marine and hydrographic and astronomical instruments, nuclear instruments, medical instruments and equipment, electronic measuring instruments, transmission standard measuring instruments, weighing instruments and instruments, automobile instruments and other general instruments and instruments. According to the main service objects and areas of the product, the instrument and instrument industry is generally summarized as four major categories, measuring and controlling instruments and systems, scientific testing instruments, special instruments and instruments, instrument materials and components.

The distribution of instrument and instrument industry in China is mainly based on the development and production of universal instruments and instruments, the Ministry of information industry, the Ministry of education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the national medical bureau and the metallurgical, petrochemical, light industry, coal, electric power companies, surveying and mapping, and the development and production of various kinds of special instruments, such as weapons, aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding and other systems. Instruments: the Academy of Sciences (scientific testing instruments), the Ministry of information industry (communication and electronic measurement instruments), weapons, ships and aerospace systems (military equipment), light industrial systems (weighing instruments), and the National Medical Bureau (medical instruments and equipment) are strong.



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