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[technology] how to do the new national standard paint (three) material
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The pavement marking coating products currently used in our country mainly include liquid solvent type, two component, waterborne, solid hot melt road marking paint and other products. The key raw materials used for pavement marking coatings, especially hot-melt, mainly include resins, polyethylene wax, titanium dioxide and glass beads. Hot melt products are the mainstream products used in road traffic marking at present. At the same time, solvent type, two component, waterborne pavement marking coatings are used in small quantities.

"Resin for hot-melt pavement marking paint"

Resin for thermoplastic pavement marking paint

This part is suitable for resin used for hot-melt road marking paint, and the resin for pavement marking paint can be referenced.

The resins for hot-melt road marking paint include two kinds of C5 petroleum resin and rosin resin.

The performance requirements of the resin for hot-melt road marking paint should comply with the requirements of Table 1.

Polyethylene wax, also known as low molecular weight polyethylene, is divided into two types: polymerized polyethylene wax and pyrolysis polyethylene wax according to different manufacturing methods. The former is a by-product of polymerization of polyethylene, which is made by pyrolysis of polyethylene resin. At present, the pyrolysis polyethylene wax in the market is made of pure polyethylene resin, and the cost is higher. There are some differences in the relative molecular weight distribution and molecular structure of polythene wax and cracking type polyethylene wax, so the application of polythene wax is different. The molecular weight distribution affects the mechanical properties of polyethylene wax, and the molecular structure affects the crystallization of polyethylene wax (2]). At present, there is no uniform regulation on the performance indexes of polyethylene wax, but there are different standards according to different uses.


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