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[PMMA] what is a PMMA marking coating
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PMMA resin: MMA + methyl methacrylate + butyl methacrylate + auxiliary (anti - skin agent, brightener, toughening agent, weather resistant agent and so on) in the reaction kettle by 70~90 C, 2-3 hours prepolymerization 20~40% added to the inhibitor to cool, forming a translucent, viscous liquid PMMA tree fat. The double component coating produced by PMMA resin is called polymethyl methacrylate resin, and the abbreviation code of polymethyl methacrylate is PMMA resin (i.e., after prepolymerization of MMA monomers, polymethyl methacrylate resin, that is, PMMA resin). PMMA resin can be stored at room temperature for more than 3 years without affecting its performance.

PMMA marking coating: PMMA resin is used as the main film forming material for coating, and a certain proportion of BPO is added to the construction process to solidify and dry the marking paint after chemical reaction. The amount of PMMA series BPO is generally 1~3% of the overall coating quality. The curing time of chemical reaction can be controlled artificially. Viscosity can not be diluted by adding dilute diluents. After adding dilute agents, the paint will be blocked and the paint will become a waste.

The double component marking paint usually uses 1:1 type and 98:2 type, and the field spraying is divided into A\B components. Before BPO construction, B components are evenly stirred, and the same weight of the two components is 1:1 type. At present, 1:1 mixed spraying is mostly used in domestic spraying. 98:2 type general PMMA double component color antiskid pavement is used more, only A components, the construction site added BPO reaction curing, this method is generally artificial construction method, because of its packing in the bucket, after adding BPO after the mixing, 5 minutes immediately pour on the pavement manual scraping construction, a little delay time, easily triggered. Detonating the scene, catching fire. At present, there is no mature 98:2 spraying equipment in China.

PMMA marking paint and epoxy, polyurethane, is not a system


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